Nobody99 (nobody99) wrote in tnc,

Larp Pre-registration

Just an FYI. I've put lots of thought into it, and we're going to require that if you want to pre-register we actually have the money from you to guarantee you a certain character in the game.

Several of you have said you'd pay at the game, but wanted a certain character type. We just can't promise it unless we get the money from you, as a person who pays might request that same type of character from us and by all rights they deserve to get that character.

So if I've told you that we had a character for you, and you haven't actually paid for it, please email me at and we'll work out a way for you to get payment to us.

To make sure you understand, the only people who have guaranteed characters at the game are those who have paid, and the narrators and NPCs who have been assigned (John B, Dan, Jeff, and John G).
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