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Griffinclaw Enterprises has been approached by the UNCC Sci-Fi Fantast Guild to run a new LARP on campus. We've accepted this offer. After taking a few months off it's time for Charlotte to have a LARP again. Here is the information:

What: Vampire: The Masquerade LARP.
Head ST: "Iron" Mike Mull.
Where: Denny Building UNCC.
When: In a few months.

It's straight Camarilla Pre-Week of Nightmares. 7 clans. No funky stuff. No Werewolves, no mages, no Sabbat, no Independents(to begin with.)

You want a LARP in Charlotte? You got it. If you're interested then let us know. Using the experiences gained from our first LARP(which lasted 2 1/2 years) we're planning on providing a stronger, better, and more active LARP with a Zero Bullshit Tolerance Level. All STs will be exprerienced and trained. All players will be expected to role play. ST and Narrator positions available.


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