Big Daddy Cool (cuddles) wrote in tnc,
Big Daddy Cool

The story ends.


The Griffinclaw LARP is officially at an end. It lasted for over 2
1/2 years. We have had a good run and can now end our LARP with heads
held high and with some dignity. We have accomplished much with our
game and have had a blast playing and storytelling it. This has been
in our view a good LARP.

I would thus like to thank the following people for all the help and
support they've given the LARP over the past 2 1/2 years:

1. The UNCC Sci-Fi Guild for providing us rooms, advertising, and
players. Special thanks go out to all Guild officers for their help.

2. Tooth n Claw Productions for paving the way and running a great
LARP before we even came on the scene and then for allowing us to
promote at their game. Special thanks go to: Mike Fagan, Pallance
Ballard, Wendy Rhammsess, Matt Holmquest, Dave Conners, John Beall,
and Brian Ladd.

3. All current and past STs for Griffenclaw Enterprises: Michael
Mull, Richard Huffman, Jason Cloninger, Robert Miller, Brennan
Garrison and Adam McLaughlin.

4. Most of all thanks go out to our players. They were the reason
Griffinclaw was in my opinion a good LARP. Sticking by us for all
this time our players gave us the energy and desire to do our very
best every game. Special thanks to those players who truely inspired
us go to: Sam Wilson, Scott Softly, Sara McLaughlin, and JJ Matthis.

5. To everyone who ever laughed at, doubted, or criticized us or told
us we'd never run a decent LARP. Cause after 2 1/2 years we can
officially say: We were right and you were wrong!


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