Big Daddy Cool (cuddles) wrote in tnc,
Big Daddy Cool

Ok this is weird.

Ok I hope nobody minds me asking this but I just gotta. Not one day has gone since we officially ended the Werewolf LARP and I've had about literally 10 people e-mail me and ask for a Vampire LARP. Weird thing is they're players from the Vampire game that was suppose to be going on at the The Steeple(actually it turns out it was in Concord) well apparantly it went bust quick. The remaining players from that game as well as a new group who found out about Adam and I through the Guild have asked us for a Vampire game. So I'm gonna ask:

If Adam and I start up a Vampire LARP, straight Camarilla 7 clans, would anybody here wanna play in it? Be atleast a month before we'd have it up and running, but we'd jump at the chance to run Vampire. If you're interested then let us know.


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