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Big Daddy Cool

Griffinclaw Enterprises Presents: Of Princes and Paupers.

Last Sunday was the first game of the new Vampire: The Masquerade LARP for the Charlotte area. 20 players and 2 STs showed up. As the Assistant ST for the game it's my opinion that the game went EXTREMELY well and everyone there seemed to have an absolute blast. We had several people brand new to LARPing play for the first time and they've all been calling me all week talking about how great a time they had. We had old players like Lisa, Snakes, and others have a better time at a game than I've seen them have in a very long time. Players from other LARPs new to the are also arrived and were immediately drawn in and wrapped up in the unique storytelling style presented to them by two humble Charlotte NCs. Ummmm....wait a minute did I just say "humble?" *grin*

Ah who an I kidding? We kicked ass and took names Sunday! Never have I seen a first game go off so well without absolutely no BS at all going wrong. We had a blast and if you were there then you're already agreeing with me. If you weren't then you missed one hell of a good LARP. For over a year I've been hearing "Gee I wish somebody would run a decent Vampire LARP around here." Wish granted. Our names are "Iron" Mike Mull and Benjamin "Big Daddy Cool" Burton and you're all invited to experience our present to the Charlotte gaming scene: Of Princes and Paupers.

That aside here are the nuts and bolts. We're meeting every other Sunday in the same rooms used by our predecessors at TnC. That means the lower level of the Denny Bld at UNCC. STs show up at 4 pm for character creation, set up, and early role playing with players who arrive early. Right now it's 6 Toreador, 4 Brujah, 3 Gangrel, 3 Malkavians, 2 Tremere, 2 Ventrue, and 0 Nosferatu. Toreador are capped because as I said Sunday "If we get one more fucking fairie in this LARP I'm changing it to Changeling: The Dreaming." We got 2 players who are signed on to come next game as Ventrue. We would absolutely LOVE some Nosferatu but aren't gonna cry if we don't get it. I got 3 more players who are scheduled to join us next game but aren't decided as what to play yet(and aren't affiliated with each other in real life.) You getting the picture yet? This could very well be a big ass LARP for this area.

Observations I've made after only 1 night:

-Vampire is in my view easier to run that I remember Werewolf being as the pesky little critters stay in one dimension this time. Also they plot so much against each other the STs can sometimes sit back and wonder if they've just got pent up aggression in real life or something they need to let out.

-We might wanna hire another ST just in case. So yeah if you're interested let us know.

-When ever a Ventrue Prince says to 3 Gangrel "Don't worry we'll have you TAMED for civilized society in no time" the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan. Also STs are about to laugh so hard they cry.

-The balanace of the game is perfect for the time being. All clans are on about the same level as their percieved advantages by sheer luck are nullified by disadvantages they managed(and I still don't understand fully how it happened) to give themselves.

-We got more Toreador than you can shake a stake at. If for no other reason than seeing a LARP with Toreador as the prominant clan in numbers you should come and check us out. I normally can't give the buggers away but oh well to each his own.


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