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Laws of the Night Wanted.


I'm looking for as many spare copies of Laws of the Night as I can get my grubby little geek hands on. The Vampire LARP I'm helping to run with "Iron" Mike Mull and Adam McLaughlin now is over 30 players strong regurly showing up now(with over 50 in the database) and we average around 3 new players a game. Maybe it's just cause we're sorta new being that we've only had 7 games so far but we're having trouble helping new players catch up with the general knowledge most older LARPers have memorized a hundred times over. Thus we're wanting more copies of the books around so they can read them and or just be given them.

I'm offering just straight up cash for the books. If you're interested(and if you aint that's fine) then e-mail me or just reply to this post. I can only offer about $20 a book as the STs already drop a buttload of cash into this game by providing free pizzas and drinks to the players and we're gonna start having all character stuff put into manilla folders too.

If you're interested in playing in our LARP the next session is next Sunday. We skipped Fathers Day obviously. None of the 7 Camarilla clans are capped right now though some are close. Kinda short on Nosferatu and Toreador as of this post but they may change. NO outside clans are allowed. Ghouls are allowed though.


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