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tnc's Journal

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Shattered Minds, formerly TnC
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This community journal is owned and operated by Shattered Minds, formerly known as Tooth and Claw Productions. We are a Live Action Role Playing company and an official White Wolf WolfPack in Charlotte North Carolina, U.S.A.
This community is intended for the amusement of the players and storytellers thereof. If you are a participant in the Shattered Minds Larp game and would like membership into this community then please notify any of the current members. Membership is restricted to players and team members only.
If you live in the Charlotte area and would like to join the Shattered Minds LARP that is currently running, please contact any member of this Community for instructions.

All posts must meet the following requirements:

-Have fun! Like the game itself.. this is all for your enjoyment.
I'm not going to boot you off if you rant, rave, or cuss. It's your business if you want to make yourself look bad in front of others. But be nice to people like you would in real life, or we'll feed you to the denizens of the sewers that nobody knows about....

-Since the LARP is no longer active at this point, we don't really care what you post IC or OOC.

-It sucks to argue with the Storytellers....

- Shattered Minds does occasionally run other games to demo the White Wolf line. Sometimes it' will be at UNCC; sometimes it's other places & times. That info will occasionally show up on here, too, so feel free to respond on here to those posts.

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